Construction Supervision is based on full verification of construction conformity, of all licensing and execution projects, in real-time and on-site, ensuring compliance with the responsibilities of the project authors, contractor, construction director, as well as the owner of the construction.


  • Anticipation and resolution of problems during the construction works;
  • Easier contractual management with the contractor(s), safeguarding conflicts;
  • Increasing construction quality, justified by monitoring effort of the work fronts and strict compliance with the projects;
  • Lower cost of the project. Good construction supervision it’s a way so that the owner gets better for less;
  • Reduction on contract deadlines. Construction supervision team will work closely with the contractor(s), ensuring the timely ordering of materials and early award of subcontracts, detecting deviations from planning and measures to recover from possible delays.

If you don ́t hire supervision, you are taking the risk of having problems with the construction quality and it can give you a terrible “headache”.

In the current background of civil construction, there is a lack of qualified labor, and consequently, poorly executed works associated with this fact. An expert construction supervisor can solve this problem.

There are other problems associated with the construction sector like the quality of the applied materials, on-site works duration, compliance with Hygiene and Safety rules at work, among others.

Either you truly trust in the contractor who is responsible of your project execution, or the money you will “save” in unsupervised works will inevitably be spent later in additional costs and annoyances.

ENGIPAR Consultants, in spite of not being expertise in the area of general medicine, can solve a lot of your “headaches” and ”sleepless nights”.

  • Dimension and duration of the construction works;
  • Location of the construction site;
  • Degree of allocation and number of weekly inspections;
  • Integration or not of HST services
  • Number of required reports
  • Other associated costs.

Law 60/2007 of 4 November, which altered the legal regime for urbanization and construction, refers the indication of the instructive elements of the requests for the realization of urbanistic operations to Ordinance 232/2008 of 11 March, that refers that all public or private works must have supervision, regardless of their nature.

Law n.º40/2015 establishes the professional qualification required for technicians responsible for leading supervision of public or private construction works, making the first amendment to Lei n.º 31/2009of July 3.

Construction works allowed to start without a prior notification, and inherently without formal supervision, are normally smallinterventions and operated according to different regulations of each city council, such as:

  • Maintenance construction works(rehabilitation, repair, or cleaning);
  • Construction works inside buildings or fractions, which do not require changes in the stability structure, ridges, the shape of the facades, and the shape of the roofs;
  • Building, contiguous or not, to the main building with an area equal to or less than 10 m2;
  • Fencing walls up to 1.8 m high that do not border with public road;
  • Earth support walls up to 2m high, which do not modify the topography of existing land;
  • Greenhouse construction;
  • Construction works for the arrangement and improvement of building areas surrounding, provided they do not affect the public domain;
  • Installation of ludic or recreational equipment associated with the main building, and with a smaller area;
  • Replacement of exterior or roofing covering materials, with others, giving an identical finishing, and that improve energy efficiency;
  • Photovoltaic solar panels and wind generators installation

Even in these minimalist interventions we advise experience external supervision. Small details of the present can be crucial for the future.

The activities carried out on construction sites inherent to the civil construction sector involve risks, which may result in accidents at work when the necessary measures are not taken to ensure the safety and health of workers. Falls from high places, crushing and burying are the main accidents that occur on construction sites.

Decree-Law no. 273/2003, of 29 October 2003 obliges the Project Owner to appoint a health and safety coordinator during the construction works, whose main responsibilities are:

  • Support and information to the clients about their legal responsibilities;
  • Technical support to the decision processes of the clients;
  • Preparation, amendment and updating of the Prior Notice for Opening a Construction Site;
  • Technical validation of the Health and Safety Plan and its developments and changes.


Construction supervisionis essential to ensure the success of any project and construction work. This services generally include supervising all phases of the construction process, providing support to the owner, and ensuring full compliance with the contractor's responsibilities. Includes:

  • Project planning and construction phases;
  • Control of construction work costs;
  • Periodic measuring reports;
  • On-site arrival and exit of materials;
  • On-site control and arrival of construction equipment;
  • Quality control of materials;
  • Meetings with interveners;
  • Monitoring and inspections;
  • Periodic and final reports;
  • Project supervision and coordination of the construction specialties;
  • Information and management of contractors, suppliers, and other workers activities;
  • Shipyard Inspection by complying legal technology and construction requirements;
  • Continuous supervision of construction works(quality, planning, and budget);
  • Technical and legal advice and consultancy;
  • Supervisionof the documentation delivered by the Contractor;
  • Monitoring Hygiene, Safety, and Environment requirements;
  • Final blueprints and operation manuals.

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